This month I’ve had several women reach out to me feeling frustrated and stuck. They’ve all mentioned in different ways that they are eating healthy and exercising and still don’t feel like they are seeing the results they want to see. I understand this deeply! It can be overwhelming to feel like your body is gaining weight and it’s out of your control. It’s also challenging to be doing the “right” things and still feel a lack of energy or feel like something just isn’t right. Even if you’ve made peace with food and have a great relationship with food, both of these symptoms are still a clue that something might be off.

Usually, in my conversations with these women, I start by telling them I’m so sorry for how hard it has been. It sucks to work hard to feel your best and to feel like your body isn’t responding. And then we switch our conversation to how all bodies are different and what is healthy for your body is different for mine. From there we go on a long journey of me hearing their story, asking questions, and us trying to figure out why their body might be responding in this way. In many cases, I refer these women to someone who can help them beyond my scope of practice. Often times, this looks like bloodwork and hormone testing. After they get some medical answers,  we can jump back into finding a plan that is best for them. Exercise and eating will look different for each woman based off what we learned from her outside testing. For example, if you have adrenal concerns, we need to make a workout plan for you with less cardio and more walks and yoga. Even the foods that will be best for you will vary based off your body’s needs. You truly feel your best when you know what your body needs and how you can support your body.

Reach out today if you want to talk about how we can create a workout and eating plan that matches your body’s needs.