I encourage my clients to MOVE everyday, even if they don’t have time to make it to the gym or to get in a full workout. Today on @fox4kc I showed nick some of my fav quick exercises to boost your calorie burn in a short time! These short tabata variation is meant to get your heart rate super high! They only last two minutes so the goal is to try and push yourself to YOUR max during the first 20 seconds and then keep your heart rate up during the active rest!

These are great to sneak in during holiday baking or present wrapping!!

Watch our segment here! 

Half Time Tabata BURSTS

2 mins for Each Set of moves. 1 move is 20 seconds of High Rate Moves paired with a10 second Active Recovery

After 2 mins of one set, rest for 30 seconds and then continue to next step of moves

SET 1 (Abs & glutes) repeat x 2 then short rest

20 seconds- Cross Climbers with High Knees

10 seconds- Squat with leg up & over

SET 2 (Inner Thighs & Shoulders) repeat x 2 then short rest

20 seconds- Sumo Hops

10 seconds- Donkey Kicks

SET 3 (Quads & Glutes & Obliques) repeat x 2 then short rest

20 seconds- Fwd Squat Jump Then quick feet back

10 seconds- Side leg lift