I’m broken for the wrong messages and lies that we hear every day as women. We hear that in order to be healthy we must, be skinner, have a thigh gap, eat only lean protein, dress sexier, do more, dvscocam-photo-1-9o more…. we are exhausted. The messages we are hearing are exhausting. A thigh gap will never satisfy us. We will always want more. I believe women need to hear a voice that is reminding them that the thigh gap is NOT the goal. No more cellulite is NOT the goal. The goal is to take care of ourselves. To make small, possible steps every day that make us healthier. The goal is REAL HEALTH. Better health allows us to engage our families with more energy, be more effective in our jobs, and find more joy in the day to day

My heart about leapt out of my chest when I first heard about wellness coaching. As a former educator and current health enthusiast, I knew this was my calling. Two things I was so passionate about colliding! I’m passionate about helping women fight for their health. It’s hard to fight for our own wellness as women, and especially as a mom. We are often so occupied with caring for those that we love we rarely take time to think about what we need to do to take care of ourselves. As a wellness coach, I want to encourage women to believe that taking care of ourselves empowers us to better care for those we love. Here are first three steps for any women starting her journey to better health:

1) Find your WHY.

Getting started with healthy habits it usually easily. Often times we find some reason to get started, loose weight for a wedding, fit into last years pants, new years resolutions. Find a why that will motivate you past the initial jump start. Find a why that you can come back to on the hard days. Find a why like, having the energy to play with my kids. The hard part is continuing the journey when you are past the big event or the newness has worn off. Know YOUR why, believe your why is worth it. Continue to remind yourself of your why.

2) Make A Plan

This is where I can help or you can look to other friends or co-workers who have started their journey. Learn from others. Ask what worked for them. Gather resources and make a plan. What are you going to eat? When are you going to exercise? How can you fit exercise into your busy day? As as wellnes coach, my job is to help you answer these questions.

3) Get Started

You can always start right now. How many times do we say, “l’ll start tomorrow”. Don’t hold off on getting started on your journey. Makes small steps today. Cook a healthy dinner or go for a walk.