Sugar, Sugar everywhere!!! We all want connivence right?! I get it! The modern women is a busy lady; whether you work full time, stay home full time, or both…you are busy! The trick is finding those LIFEHACKS that don’t break the bank or YOUR health! Sugar is hidden in packaged foods that you would never expect! It’s in soups, breads, fruit cups, salty snacks, etc. The American Heart Association (AHA) says that women should have no more than 6 teaspoons (100 calories, 25 grams) and men should have no more than 9 teaspoons (150 calories, 27.5 grams) of added sugar PER day. Stats show that on average the american man/wormen/ AND CHILD is consuming 19-33 teaspoons of added sugar A DAY! Obviously, we NEED to make a change, but MOST of us feel overwhelmed by this because all our quick GO TO’s usually have sugar. In the real world, very few women can make everything from scratch, every day! At least….I know I can’t! I’m here today to share with you my quick no sugar added (Or very little sugar added) Go To’s for easy meals or snacks! You can click the link and order from there or screen shot and remember next time you’re at the store! I tell my clients to save these in a list in their notes on their phone for a quick refere nce! (remember most grocery stores do on-line shopping now and that makes finding certain brands MUCH easier!) MARIANARA  Pasta sauce with no added sugar is tough one! It’s so important to have quick easy GO to’s! Here are my Options!


Peanut Butter

Salty Snacks

Salad Dressings