Winter. That word meant so many joyful things before becoming a mom and before moving to Kansas. 😉12043166_785453394896496_7399990405754420224_nJust kidding, I love living in Kansas, but I could do without the driveway shoveling and freezing drives to work out in the morning! Beyond those things though, the toughest part about winter is the sick yucks that go around, especially when you have littles. There is nothing worse than seeing your babies struggle through the stomach bug or some other sickness. After years of dealing with sick after sick after sick, we decided to get serious about our preventive game! Now we do serval different things ALL winter to boost and suppport our immune systems. Of course, we still get sick occasionally, but I can say that so far this fall and winter we have only had one sick bug hit our house and it only took down my little guy that struggles with serious asthma. So far this winter, WE ARE WINNING!

Here are a few of our Winter Boost Tricks

  1. Eating foods Packed with nutrients that support our immune system
    1. Oranges
    2. Blueberries
    3. Flaxseed
    4. greek yogurt
    5. onions
    6. garlic
    7. pomegranate juice or seeds

Our favorite smoothie recipes that has most of the approriate foods from above we call The Winter Boost!

Recipe for The Winter Boost Smoothie
4 cups of greens (spinach or kale)
1 cup plain greek yogurt
1 orange peeled
1 kiwi peeled
2 tb ground flaxseed
1 cup frozen mixed berried
1/2 cup of pomegranate seeds or pomegranate juice

Blend and Enjoy!

2. Using Essential Oils

I strongly believe that oils have the greatest influence on our winter wellness. Every day when my ki
ds get home from school or during any playdate we diffuse thieves for 20 minutes. Studies from the Webster State University have shown that after diffusing thieves for 20 mins 99.3% reduction in germs in the air. Another study showed a germ kill rate of 99.96%. We all know how germy playdates can be. Praise hands for clean air.

Frankencince has a long history of supporting a strong immune system. When we have been around other kids who are sick or if one of us is starting to feel a little yuck coming on then we dilute frankencince oil with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) and rub it down our spine every couple hours. We have seen this boost up immune system and help fend off the yucks from taking us down.

3. Cleaning our Toys

Toys. I mean how gross do they get with so many littles and their friends sticking them in their mouth and nose. We use the follow thieves spray to clean our toys and to spray our hands whenver needed. I love that thieves is a natural and safe oil that we are spraying all over things that go into children’s mouths and not a high powered chemical full of crazy ingredients.

If you want to learn more about boosting your immune system with diet or essential oils feel free to message me through this site. If you want to try essential oils for your family you can purchase them through this link. This is the brand of essential oil that we use for our family.

Have a happy and HEALTHY winter,