A better way to train

A holistic approach to fitness and nutrition- personalized for you!

I believe that each of us need something different when it comes to food, exercise, and lifestyle rhythms.

Life is hard enough. Stop trying to make someone else’s program work and let Jenn guide you to a program designed for you. A program that meets the needs of your body, mind, soul and lifestyle.


Jenn works with clients on each of the following 5 areas to develop customized plans so they can see long-term, sustained success



Jenn will hold you accountable daily, guide & support you every step of the way. You’re never alone.



This isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan. Jenn works with you to create a plan tailored to your goals, your preferences, and your lifestyle.


Jenn will create a plan that fits your life and your body’s needs. Your plan will always encourage a relationship with food and teach you to eat intentionally


Jenn designs a custom plan to fit your goals, lifestyle, and exercise preferences. You’ll only do things you enjoy.


Jenn is committed to seeing you become the healthiest version of yourself. If you feel your personal program doesn’t give you the results of a healthier life then we will always give you your money back

why a holistic approach works


made for you

Jenn gets to know your story and your life, and from there helps to create a plan that is do-able for you and will help you meet your goals.



We weren’t created to do life alone, why should exercise and fitness be any different? The best results always come with support. Jenn will be your guide and your coach.


living well

Jenn doesn’t create plans that threaten your relationship with food. Her goal is to help you change your rhythms and habits, which in turn will change your life. Living healthy and enjoying good food can be who you are!

Ditch your diet and learn to care for you whole body, mind, and soul.

I have participated in a few of Jenn’s groups and keep coming back for more! The personalized programs, accountability, guidance and support are really imperative to helping stay on track and focused. Jenn is always really helpful throughout the program and always quick to answer questions and help us. I’m very thankful for Jenn and her groups and have been able to make real, permanent changes toward healthy living for myself and my family.

Holly Muzny

I personally benefited from being coached by Jenn and I frequently refer others to her as well. I am so thankful for the months I spent being challenged and encouraged by her. Initially the plan was simply losing the baby weight and getting control of my snacking, but in the end, Jenn helped me to view both food and exercise as a total lifestyle change. What a gift!

Ginger Ciminello

Speaker & Author, Phoenix, AZ, 35 years

I cannot even express how much of a positive impact Jenn has had on my life. I have always been someone who is extremely active, but even though I would workout for over an hour a day, I was never able to lose weight. I worked with Jenn for the first time in March 2016, and by the end of the month, I had lost 8 pounds! Not only did I lose weight and feel healthier on the outside, but I could feel that I had more energy and felt just so refreshed. Jenn’s START program really helped me to retrain my mind and body by fueling myself with whole, non-processed foods and eliminating sugar. Don’t get me wrong–it was hard at first, but Jenn’s START program was a lifestyle change for me. Jenn was with me every step of the way too! She constantly was giving me support, answered any questions I had and continuously shared new recipes and workouts for me to try. I would recommend Jenn to anyone who wants to lose weight and reset their minds to eating better.

25, HR Coordinator, Chicago

I love Jenn’s approach to health and good decisions. She doesn’t make it all about the number but asks for non-scale victories and always is so encouraging. I love the at-home workouts she posts as well as the suggestions for snacks. Once I get out of my sugar-addict mode, it’s really rewarding to see improvements in progress towards my goals! Thankful for a group like this with a leader so dedicated to seeing her clients succeed!

Haley Williams
Busines owner & mom of three, Kansas City